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Emerging Technologies

Energy Department Announces $29 Million Investment in Enhanced Geothermal Systems Efforts
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Geothermal Energy
A Turbo Charged Canal: Tidal Turbine Test Shows Promise (August 10, 2016)
UMass Dartmouth researchers testing submerging a water wheel in the Cape Cod Canal as part of an effort to harness the power of the tides and translate it into clean, renewable energy. Read More

As a month-long test of two hydrokinetic turbines in the Cape Cod Canal comes to a close, those involved say it shows signs the renewable energy source could be viable in the decades to come. Read More

Wave and Tidal (2012)
In a first for the United States, power from the ocean was harnessed and fed into the electrical grid. The source wasn’t a towering offshore wind turbine like those that have generated so much controversy off Cape Cod, but an underwater device submerged in a bay in Maine.The lone generator, dubbed TidGen, lies in Cobscook Bay off the town of Eastport, where its lawnmower-shaped blades churn as 20-foot tides rise and fall twice a day. The machine is capable of producing about 180 kilowatts, enough to power about 25 to 30 homes.The development is a ray of hope for the U.S. ocean-energy industry, which until now hasn’t delivered a single watt of electricity to the power grid despite years of effort… “This historic moment elevates the U.S. to the world stage,” said Chris Sauer, the CEO of Ocean Renewable Power Company, which launched the Maine tidal device. “We are now ready to bring our tidal energy power systems and expertise to the international market.”
(Forbes, Green Tech by David Ferris, 9/17/12)

Wave power given a boost in Europe (2013)
Permission’s been granted for the largest tidal energy project in Europe to get under way. The first stage will be constructed in the Pentland Firth, starting with a demonstration project of six turbines in the waters between Orkney and the Scottish mainland. The Carbon Trust has estimated that wave and tidal resources could provide 20% of the UK’s electricity if fully developed. According to Energy Minister, Fergus Ewing, “Today we have granted consent to MeyGen Limited to develop the largest tidal turbine array in Europe and the first commercial project off these shores. This is a major step forward for Scotland’s marine renewable energy industry. When fully operational, the 86 megawatt array could generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 42,000 homes – around 40% of homes in the Highlands. This exciting development in the waters around Orkney is just the first phase for a site that could eventually yield up to 398 megawatts.”

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Solar Thermal Technology Seen Bolstering Renewable Energy Adoption
The quest to develop an improved renewable energy storage system is intensifying, as researchers continue to make progress in their drive to spur the adoption of green technology.

See the U.S. Department of Energy on Solar

Portland now generates electricity from turbines installed in city water pipes. Read More

Google executives are in the process of fine tuning the alternative wind energy project, one of the more promising projects from Google X. The intelligent technology expert of Google X, Astro Teller, recently dropped hints about the project at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. He said it would be fascinating to produce wind power from blade tips of wind turbines without putting the heavy turbines in space.

Smaller, Jet-Engine Turbines May Solve Some Wind Power Woes. An enclosed wind turbine design that may be safer for wildlife and the public is almost ready for prime time, according to its manufacturers. FloDesign's enclosed wind turbines could also offer more efficient conversion of wind energy with turbines that are suitable for use in urban areas.

The hybrid is comprised of a tall hollow cylinder with a wate injection system near the top and wind tunnels containing turbines near the bottom. Read More

Instead of snatching bits of energy from the wind as it passes through the blades of a rotor, Invelox captures the wind and directs it. Read More

A Dutch renewable energy start-up called The Archimedes is working on a new class of small-scale wind turbine -- one that is almost silent and is efficient at converting wind into energy. The company states that the Liam F1 turbine could generate 1,500 kWh of energy per year at wind speeds of 5m/s, enough to cover half of an average household's energy use. 

New Tesla battery could take your home off the grid. Read More
2015 Update: Tesla will introduce a battery for your home during its highly anticipated April 30 event. Read More