Cape Cod Times: Local Legacy on Offshore Wind Mixed for Obama

August 8, 2016

Cape Cod Times: Local Legacy on Offshore Wind Mixed for Obama
Christine Legere, August 8, 2016

Then President-elect Barack Obama introduces his Secretary of Interior-designate Sen. Ken Salazar during a news conference in Chicago in December 2008. Salazar appoved the Cape Wind project in 2010 after visiting its proposed location in Nantucket Sound, but the project foundered and is considered defunct by many at this point. Associated Press file

This is the second part of a series looking at the effect President Obama's policies have had on our region.

The reduction of carbon pollution and increases in green energy development have been top priorities of President Barack Obama's administration.

He has warned that the current generation is the first to witness the effects of climate change in the form of rising temperatures and sea levels and shrinking sea ice in the Arctic — and it might be the last with the ability to do something about it.

During the past eight years, Obama's administration has taken steps to cut carbon emissions from power plants, promote energy efficiency and extend tax credits and loans for renewable energy initiatives, sometimes in the face of criticism that he is anti-business and allegations that taxpayer funds have been mismanaged. Alternatively, some environmentalists argue he has not gone far enough or has given in too often to business interests.

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