Cape Cod Times - Letter to the Editor: No Time to Breath Easy Over Cape Wind's Plans

October 15, 2016

Cape Cod Times: 10/15/16 LTE No time to breathe easy over Cape Wind's plans

It is misleading for the Cape Cod Times to tell readers that Cape Wind has “given up” on building its 130-turbine industrial wind plant in the middle of Nantucket Sound, very close to many of our public beaches (“Cape Wind reverses, drops appeal,” Oct. 7, Page 1).

Don’t forget that Cape Wind holds a federal lease to 46 square miles of Nantucket Sound until the year 2041. It is unwise to think that because Cape Wind dropped a lawsuit it was unlikely to win the developer is now walking away. No, he will find another way to manipulate this valuable asset. How many people actually own a piece of the seabed? If Cape Wind is not going to use it, it’s got to be for sale.

Let’s not think this battle is over. How would the developer recoup his investment unless he sells the lease to another developer who can push forward with wind turbines off our beaches?

The fight to stop destruction of Nantucket Sound has gained an important victory, but the war won’t be over until Cape Wind’s federal lease is canceled. Only then can any of us be sure the Sound is safe from industrial wind development.

Eric Tatro
West Barnstable